Fifty years have aged Lake Park like a fine wine.

In 1960, Joyce and Harvey Busscher were looking for a way to repurpose their amazing 10 acre lake front property. That same year, a young family from Indiana was trying to find a place to camp for the night. They had hoped to camp next door at the County Park, but it was only open for day use. They drove in and asked for a suggestion. Joyce and Harvey told them they could camp on the bluff. After that night the idea for a lakefront, vacation resort began to take shape.

Here at Lake Park, beautiful sunsets cast a warm glow each night and the sounds of waves on the shore help you go to sleep at night. It’s a different type of place here. Away from the traffic, city lights and hectic days, your evenings are filled with the bright lights of the stars. Acquaintances greet you with a smile; new friends watch your kids in the pool and years later share stories of how you first met at Lake Park. This is the lake, what it was truly meant to be.

The Busscher Family would love to help you make Lake Park your perfect summer getaway. Please contact us to schedule a tour of our available units and visit the beauty of our Lake Michigan beach! Your resort living is right here waiting for you.