Frequently Asked Questions

Can we rent for the weekend or overnight?
No, unfortunately Lake Park Trailer Resort only offers seasonal site rentals.

Is the resort child friendly?

Is the resort pet friendly?
Yes! All pets must be on a leash while outside of your unit.

Is the beach access public?
No, our beach is private.

Do you have a pool?

Do you have a playground?
No, however, we are located next door to West Side County Park which offers a playground.

Can I live on site at Lake Park year round?
No, Lake Park is licensed to be a seasonal mobile home community. Occupancy runs from May 1 – November 1.

My relatives or friends and I would like to purchase a unit together and split time at the resort between our families. Is this an option?
No, each lease is limited to those individuals sharing the same residence as evidenced by drivers’ licenses. Anyone not listed on the lease is deemed a guest.

If I were to purchase a unit, do I own the property?
No, Lake Park retains ownership of the property and you pay a seasonal lot rent to Lake Park.

Are there additional fees that I would need to pay each season?
Yes, you are billed a monthly usage fee that covers water, trash and overall park maintenance. This is based on your electric consumption.

Am I allowed to have guests?
Yes! All guests must be registered upon arrival. Your guest fees are billed monthly.

Can I allow others to stay in my unit while I am not on site?
No, one of the lease holders must be present while any guests are on site.